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Muslim Women Heroes

Why Leadership?

What Leadership?


How many male Muslim role models can you think of who currently serve the Ummah on a massive scale? Now how many *word-class* female Muslim role models for your sisters, mothers, and  daughters come to mind?


That’s not to overlook nor undermine the myriad leadership efforts undertaken by Muslim mothers, for instance, that while effecting profound change – go largely unnoticed. Or the incredibly heroic sacrifices and legacies that women of the earlier generations of Islam, like the female companions of our beloved Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him, left behind for us to emulate.  Rather, we realise that if we do not create and support living, mainstream Muslim women heroes – that this vacancy for female role model will be filled by someone less than exemplary and far from deserving.


For the months of June-July, The Muslim Women’s Fund is focused on sponsoring 3 inspiring young Muslim women to attend the: NicheHero Leadership Certification program (Toronto, July 4-9 2011).


That our Ummah is in urgent need of even more capable young women with a leadership sense and serving as exemplary role models for the present and coming generations, goes without saying. We recognize sponsorship for NicheHero is as a positive step in resolving this need for more positive female Muslim role models for our Muslim sisters.


Our Fundraising Target


All donations of any amount may be made through Chip-in (by PayPal) and are greatly appreciated in achieving our goal of $8972.00 by 11:59PM on July 3, 2011. Insha’Allah, together we will raise this sum and by the Mercy of Allah, receive the ajr for all the knowledge and action gained by our sisters, for our sisters.


To donate, please follow this link: http://muslimwomensfund.chipin.com/


May Allah ta’ala reward your sincere intentions and support of this cause through your du’a and donations, ameen.


Team Muslim Womens Fund*


About The Muslim Women's Fund

The Muslim Women's Fund was initiated in response to the need for increased social and financial support outlets dedicated to assisting young, bright Muslim women who demonstrate talent and commitment in helping the Ummah both locally and globally. Like its name suggests, it aims to generate funds to provide financial aid helping deserving young women manage costs related to their Islamic and personal development educational efforts. As an ongoing fund-raising initiative, the Fund ultimately aims to establish a sustainable and active scholarship program.


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